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It’s not “that” easy to find a high quality 1080p monitor with a 1ms response rate, but it’s even harder to find a monitor with an HDMI output.  This monitor allows you to skip out the middle man and keep that 1ms pristine.  To use this monitor, first plug in your gaming machine into the monitor, then plug a second HDMI cable from the monitor into your recording device.  I highly recommend this monitor for anyone console gamer who wants to capture or steam at higher quality.  I would only recommend this setup for the unique PC gamer that values a response rate over resolution.  Feel free to suggest your own comments at the bottom.

BenQ 24-Inch Gaming Monitor - LED 1080p HD Monitor - 1ms Response Time, Head-to-Head Console Gaming (RL2460HT) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

I use this setup for both my console game capture my glorious PC game capture.  For the console, this setup is amazing.  The device has a internally looped HDMI input and HDMI output that allows it’s user to save some of that very precious response rate.  However, when this device is paired with the monitor above, then there is no need to worry about the response rate. This device captures game play at 1080p and allows it’s user to set the bitrate to varying levels.  I find the capturing from this device to be of high quality.

AVerMedia Live Gamer HD, Game Capture and Streaming in High Definition 1080p, Reduce CPU Usage, Ultra Low Latency, H.264 Hardware Encoding HD Game Recorder, PCIe, (C985)

For the PC, this device is more for saving precious computer resources and useability than it is for having high quality video capture.  The device is capped at 1080p/30hz, which wouldn’t be a problem on consoles, but it would be a problem for some elite PC gaming enthusiast.  Secondly, you can only capture from one monitor.  The device works by running an HDMI cable from the back of your GFX card to the back of this capture card, and then running another HDMI cable to your monitor.  This card works best for people who worry about saving computer resources more than the output of their captured or streamed video.


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