Fast PS4 Charging and Data Cable

BestGameSetups – Fast Charging Cable

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The BestGameSetups fast charging cable for the PS4 is the absolute best cable gamers can use to charge their controllers.  The cable uses a 24awg (THICK GAUGE!) power line to increase the amount of current flowing from your PS4 to your controller or any Micro USB Device.  This translates to a 100mA (milliamp aka milliampere) increase in current, which translates to faster charge times.

The cable also has a dedicated 28awg data line so that you can use the cable with the PS4 controllers.  If you don’t know why this is big deal, check out our review of the best PS4 controllers and read why using a wired controller is drastically better than wireless on the PS4 (at least when you care about having the quickest response time).