First off, thank you for visiting bestgamesetups.com.  The main purpose of this site is for users to showcase their setups and have other users vote on the best ones.

Who determines which setups are the best?

You.  All setups are voted on by members and anonymous site visitors.

Who submits the setups?

Anyone.  Setups can be submitted by members or anonymous site visitors.  No login required, but members are given privileges over anonymous users.  Members can edit their posts after they have been submitted.

What tools are given to members?

Members are given a more robust post editor and the ability to edit their posts after they have been published.  They are also given an Amazon search function that will automatically post affiliate links to the items that you find with the search function.  Please note, your Amazon Associate ID will need to be added to your profile before the amazon search bar will automatically create your affiliate links.

How do I become a member?

To become a member, you can go to the “Submit Setup” Menu and select “Request Membership” or you can can simply click here.

Does it cost anything to become a member?

No, money is only earned here.  Not spent.

Am I allowed to include affiliate links to amazon, tigerdirect, newegg, etc…?

Yes, please do!  It’s strongly encouraged.  Members who login are given extra tools to help ease the process of placing amazon affiliate links.  Just add your affiliate ID to your profile page.

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