How to get the most out the Astro Mix Amp for PS4

This guide is mostly for PS4 users wanting to get the most out of their Astro Mix Amp.

First you need to have the right cables.  You will need a USB cable, Toslink cable, and about two Aux cables.  You should already have a USB cable for your mix amp and 3.5mm Aux cables are a wide commodity now.

This list is for the 2013 Astro Mix Amp:

Toslink to Mini Toslink Cable

USB to Mini USB Cable

3.5mm Male to 3.5mm Male (Aux Cable)

This is the list for the 2015 Astro Mix Amp:

Toslink Cable

USB to Micro USB Cable

3.5mm Male to 3.5mm Male (Aux Cable)

Step 1: Plug in all the wires.

Step 2: Go to Settings in the PS4 menu.



Then scroll down to “Sound and Screen”.


In the “Sound and Screen” menu scroll down and choose “Audio Output Settings”.



In “Audio Output settings” select “Primary Output Port” and if not already selected select “DIGITAL OUT (OPTICAL)”.

Step 3: To be repeated each time the PS4 is turned on from being off.


From the main settings menu.  Scroll down and select “Devices”.



From the “Devices” menu select “Audio Devices”.


In the “Audio Devices” menu select “Output Device” and change the output to “TV or AV Amplifier”.

Step 4: Tweak Settings.


On some devices you will be able to turn Dolby processing on and off by pressing the button.  You should notice a big difference.




Across from the Dolby button is a bar button that looks like the one above.  Each press of the button highlights a different region of the button moving clockwise.  Depending on what firmware your mix amp is running this diagram should still be relatively correct.  “Pro” is a tweak by Astro to improve surround sound. “Core” is no changes or tweaks at all just straight audio from the game.  “Media” is a setting that best works with movies, music, and TV shows.  “Sport” is just like “Pro” except for an additional tweak to improve communication, but on older firmware devices it may be a bit different from “Pro”.