On The Go (OTG) PS4 Setup Video.

If you don’t want to root your phone, this is the best setup to use when using remote play with the PS4 and an android phone.

BestGameSetups Micro USB to Micro USB OTG (On-The-Go) 12" (30cm) Data Cable

by BestGameSetups [BestGameSetups]
Rank/Rating: 98856/-
Price: $7.99

A high quaility clip to go with this high quality wire.


Below are some PS4 clips and OTG wires bundled together.  The first combo looks like the best deal.  I would definitely check out the other sellers for these items, because they are cheaper.

This one looks pretty good as well.

This on looks like it could be a more universal mount because it uses suction cups, but it’s price dose not include shipping.

SPEC COMPUTER PS4 Controller Clip for Smartphone SP1431

Rank/Rating: 809671/-
Price: -


Here is the link to download the latest version of the remote play app: http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/ps4-remote-play-android-thread-t3068225




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