(BEST) E-Sport Clan

 The Team:

The (BEST) Bestgamesetups.com Destiny PSN Clan is comprised of several friends.  This page displays the most active PvP members of the clan.  Feel free to click on the signature images to see each players unique stats and winnings.  If you would like to setup a match between us and your clan please send one of the users a message on PSN.  In the near future Bestgamesetups.com will be launching a new website for Destiny guardians to match make clan matches.  Please stay tuned.  Thank you.

PSN: gritforfive

Grit is the leader of the (BEST) clan for Destiny on PS4.  His favorite weapons consist of the sniper and scout rifles.  However, he is known to use hand cannons and shotguns when they are being overly used by other players.

PSN: Kiss_Vienna

Vienna is THE fusion rifle queen.  Her favorite weapon of choice is the “Pocket Infinity”.  She continues to use “Pocket Infinity” even after countless nerfs and a few occasions in which the gun was glitched beyond repair.

PSN: Killer988

The Wild Card.


Dove is a strong team player.  Strong focus on communication and team shots.  He can play once a month and still manage to dominate the competition.  His favorite weapons include Snipers and Scout Rifles, but gun of choice is the messenger.

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